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11 SEP 2018
11 Nov 2018
Casa Betania, Diseminado Rodeno, 367, Segart, Valencia 46592, Spain

(english version below) 9-10-11/11/2018
Art & Soul inaugura su asociación con una propuesta atractiva e interesante, un fin de semana de convivencia en plena naturaleza con un workshop de 9 horas de Danza Contact + Jams.

El taller será impartido por Miguel Ángel Punzano, dándonos herramientas para que cada persona descubra su propia danza.
‘’En este laboratorio haremos un recorrido por las diferentes intensidades del contacto analizando las capas y tejidos que se involucran y las necesidades que tanto a nivel motriz como propioceptivo demanda cada intensidad.’’

19h00 – Círculo bienvenida
20h00 – Jam guiada
21h30 – Cena

09h00 – Desayuno
10h00 – Contact (3 horas)
14h00 – Comida
16h30 – Contact (3 horas)
21h30 – Cena

09h00 – Desayuno
10h00- Contact (3 horas)
14h00 – Comida

Casa Betania – http://betaniameditacionyarmonia.com

9 horas de taller + Jams + 2 días de alojamiento con pensión completa (menú vegetariano)+ vivir una fantástica experiencia:
- hasta 21/10/2018 -> eur 195
- hasta 04/11/2018 -
> eur 220

Para más información escribir a: artandsoul.valencia@gmail.com

We kickstart our Art & Soul Association, with a distinct and fun proposal: a full weekend retreat, in a beautiful natural setting, plus a nine-hour workshop of Contact Dance + Jam Sessions.
Miguel Angel Punzano is our workshop coach. He will enable you to discover your own inner dance, teaching you core skills and techniques.

’’In this workshop we will go through different levels of intensity in Contact. We will study both the muscles and tissues involved in each level, as well as their various needs, both from a proprioceptive and motion standpoints.

19h00 – Welcome circle
20h00 – Coached Jam
21h30 – Dinner

09h00 – Brekfast
10h00 – Contact (3 hours)
14h00 – Lunch
16h30 – Contact (3 hours)
21h30 – Dinner

09h00 – Breakfast
10h00- Contact (3 hours)
14h00 – Lunch

Casa Betania – http://betaniameditacionyarmonia.com

Nine-hour workshop + Jam Sessions + two days (room & full board; vegetarian menu) and a great, unforgettable experience:
- Until 21/10/2018 -> EUR 195
- Until 04/11/2018 -
> EUR 220

Book now, or find out more, at: artandsoul.valencia@gmail.com

CONTACT: Art & Soul Valencia, , https://www.facebook.com/Art-Soul-Valencia-2224304894482043/
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2 NOV 2018
4 Nov 2018
Brinerstr. 3, Zürich, 8003, Switzerland

Workshop with Laura Vogel and Oliver Mannel
in Zürich 2. – 4. November 2018

In this workshop we will explore Body & Voice as means of contact and communication: with the voice we touch and move the other. What if we do the same in dance? Rely on each other, carry and move each other, get into a physical dialogue? What if texts get a weight and we balance on notes? Which treasures and possibilities to communicate lie within our moving body and voice?

In diesem Workshop untersuchen wir Körper und Stimme als Phänomene des Kontakts und der Kommunikation: mit der Stimme berühren, ergreifen und bewegen
wir den anderen. Was, wenn wir das im Tanz tun? Uns gegenseitig tragen, bewegen, aufeinander verlassen – in einen physischen Dialog kommen?
Was, wenn Texte ein Gewicht bekommen und wir auf Lauten balancieren? Welche körperlichen, stimmlichen und sprecherischen Möglichkeiten zu
kommunizieren schlummern in uns, und welcher Ausdrucksreichtum?

450,- CHF / 380,- CHF early bird until 24.9. / 330,- CHF students & Legi

CONTACT: Laura Vogel, +41 78 404 48 16, , http://www.gfzgt.ch
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3 NOV 2018
11 Nov 2018
Fethiye , Turkey


“Fall in CI” is an intensive gathering around Contact Improvisation (CI); a research and exchange meeting through the dance form.

It is a platform to experience and embody in-depth the different aspects of CI and its connections to other disciplines that it feeds from and feeds back to.

It is a place for all levels of CI practitioners to meet and unfold their potential.


We wish to shed light to CI in-forming bodies of knowledge (BMC, Aikido, Alexander Technique, Skinner Releasing Technique, Axis Syllabus, Meditation, Authentic Movement,…).

We wish to make visible the collaborative aspect of the learning and teaching of CI.

We wish to keep on researching together.


This gathering is an invitation from CI-Turkey community to all movers who have fallen in, one way or another, to this form and are ready to not only learn but also share their own insights, inquires and visions during the designated research and lab sessions.

Our children and families are welcomed to be with us during this time.

For the launching of our first gathering we are inviting Eszter Gal to bring her embodied wisdom of Skinner Releasing Technique into CI.

We will than have combinations of co-teachings (“Tact-Teach”) by Katja Mustonen (FI), Filip Wencki (PL), Jurij Konjar (SI), Laura Doehler (DE), Defne Erdur (TR) and Eszter Gal (HU).

There will be space for diving into some research in and around CI with Jurij Konjar and Defne Erdur’s sharings and also LABs offered by any interested participant on the spot.

We will have Peter Plyer (DE) as one of our guests, to share his years long Ponderosa experiences in reading and moving during our “Moving Library”, where as Şebnem Aksan (TR) will share her invaluable experiences in the contemporary dance teaching and researching in Turkey.

Music during the Jams will be shared by Charlie Rabuel (FR), who have been supporting the ci-turkey community for years and have been playing in CI festivals around the world.

We may even have more surprise guests!


We will be fully immersed in the beautiful nature of South West Turkey, dancing, eating, sleeping and sharing our time under eucalyptus trees, accompanied by a little creek, surrounded by orange and lemon gardens in an eco farm, 10 mins away from the Agean Sea. Pastoral Valley will accommodate us in the most nature-friendly way possible meanwhile supporting our needs that come as a result of this intensive work on our body-minds.

3 courses of vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from delicious Turkish Cuisine cooked on traditional wooden stove will be served by the Pastoral Valley staff everyday.

Best way to reach to Pastoral Valley is through Dalaman International Airport. We will organize shuttle service for a fast and easy access to the location.


Gathering will take place between 3rd – 11th of November which will give us a chance to say one last goodbye to the summer in this still warm mediterranean fall. The participants will arrive on the 3rd for registration and opening jam. 11th morning we will all say good-bye to the valley.

How much?

The gathering costs differ based on different accommodation options. Prices include 3 meals, accomodation and festival participation fee.

Your own tent: 340€

You can bring your own tent to the valley and utilize the showers (hot water) and toilets commonly shared by the visitors. Electricity is available in public locations.

4 People Bungalows Dormitory: 340€

These basic wooden structures with single size beds inside them can be a very good alternative to sleeping in a tent for the comfort of sleeping elevated from the ground and shared privacy. Participants with this option also will use shared facilities of showers and toilets with other visitors. Electricity is available in the Bungalows.

Stone / Earth Collective House for 6 people: 380€

Pastoral Valley has a lot of different housing options made of organic material (wood, earth or stone). With this option you will be sharing a stone or earth house (an independent building with one indoor bathroom) with 4 to 6 people. You maybe sharing a room with one other person. There are electricity outlets in the rooms.

Wooden / Stone Private Hut for 2-4 people: 400€

Everyone knows how important to have a good night’s sleep in such an organization. With this in mind we also offer housing option (wooden huts) with 2 people in each room and shared with max 4 people in total.

Extra Days:

If you need to stay in the valley some extra days before and after the gathering we will make the arrangements given that you have informed us beforehand. Ask for the price and availability.

Own Tent €320.00
Bungalow Dormitory €320.00
Stone / Earth Collective House €380.00
Wooden / Stone Private Hut €400.00

CONTACT: Defne Erdur, , http://www.ci-turkey.org
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15 NOV 2018
2 Dec 2018
Festin Argentina - Buenos Aires 2018
Seleccione..., Buenos Aires 1425, Argentina


CONTACT: ciete cielos
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