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3 MAY 2018
7 May 2018
http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca, Lasqueti Island, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia V0R 2J0, Canada

A workshop intensive with Axis Syllabus teacher Ruth Douthwright and Movement Educator/Speaker Erin Godfrey

$400 includes tuition, all meals, dormitory or camping, transportation on Lasqueti to the ferry.

Retreat Description:

PROJECTS IN MOTION is an ongoing collaboration between Ruth Douthwright and Erin Godfrey – a platform for movement research, education and artistic practice.

Acknowledging the moving body as living landscape requires adaptation and innovation when applying movement principles. Functional movement necessitates a creative approach in practice in order to respect individual physicality and diverse training aims.

Erin and Ruth are informed by many movement modalities with a shared interest in experiential and theoretical research for functional dynamics applied to dancing, sports, yoga, fitness and everyday pedestrian practices of walking, sitting, standing etc.


Arrive on Thursday, May3rd on either the 230 or 530 ferries from French Creek. You will be met with a limo and brought to the studio.

Friday May 4 – Sunday May 6
9:30 – 11:00 Ruth (Axis Syllabus)
11:00 – 11:30 SNACK
11:30 – 1:00 Erin (Movement Essentials)
1:00 – 4:00 LUNCH
4:00 – 5:30 Ruth & Erin (Projects in Motion)
5:30 – 7:30 DINNER
7:30 – 8:30 Friday Erin (CI) / Saturday Free Time / Sunday Ruth (Folk Dance) May 4 – Sunday May 6

Departure is on Monday, May7th on either the 8am or 11am ferries from Lasqueti. You will be brought to the ferry from the studio. Only a light snack and hot liquid is available before the 8am ferry.

Class Descriptions

Axis Syllabus (Ruth)

This practice uses spirals, undulations and looping movement cycles, applied and practiced through dance and athleticism. The objective is to propose practical methods for moving dynamically while developing coordinated movement reactions. Rather than centering on aesthetic choices, it asks the question: how can we support, move with and listen to the moving body?

Movement Essentials (Erin)

Mostly, we practice slow movements for improving co-ordination, alignment, strength and awareness. Speed and improvisation are thoughtfully and progressively included as opportunities to work with alignment habits and reflexes. The movement patterns I teach are developed over years, are informed by my various trainings/research/teaching, and are always evolving.

Projects in Motion (Ruth & Erin)

In this workshop we will investigate principles of movement found in rolling, crawling, standing, walking and dancing. Utilizing creative practices in listening, sensitivity, and innovation to improve and refine alignment for dynamic movement situations. You can expect guided improvisation, repeating loops and bits of phrase work.

Dancing Folk (Ruth)

In this workshop we will practice a wide range of rhythms, steps, gestures and spatial formations bridging stories of origin and folklore to the intention and motivation of the dances. Created and re-created by and for folks who love to dance, these dances continue to evolve, blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary. This class is a lovely way to be in community, simply dancing together while practicing functional coordinations, kinetic rhythmic forces and dynamic efficiency.

CI (Erin)

Contact Improvisation is a social dance in which momentum between people is used to create and inspire dance movements. Focus will be placed upon using kinetic chains and tri-axial movements to play with momentum.


Ruth Douthwright is a dance artist and movement educator. For over a decade Ruth has been a teacher of the Axis Syllabus, offering individual and group movement workshops and dance trainings, and is a guest teacher in Dance and Movement Research Projects internationally. She is a graduate from École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, with parallel studies in Body Mind Centering, Continuum and Voice. Continued studies include Laban UK, Min Tanaka, The Body Weather Farm and Noh Theatre – Kyoto Arts Centre. Ongoing research and performance projects with Ecological Bodying – Kevin O’Connor. Ruth is a London Artist in Residence working as an educator and mentor and performs with PDA.



Erin Godfrey is a movement educator, speaker and researcher. She began her career as a ballet dancer, studying with the National Ballet School of Canada, followed by studies in Anatomy and Kinesiology at George Brown College. Erin has owned several studios in Toronto and has been teaching movement and healthful living practices for over 17 years. Erin’s work is informed by her research of the human body as a natural system for movement. Specializing in injury recovery and movement training for health, performance and everyday life. Offering perspectives in body wellness, Erin works with a wide range of students, including those with serious injuries, chronic conditions, new mothers, seniors, dancers and elite athletes. Additional studies include, Meditation, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Developmental Movement, Pilates, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Anatomy Trains, Contact Improvisation and Axis Syllabus.




CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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13 MAY 2018
26 May 2018
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

$1200Can includes all meals, dormitory, camping, tuition, taxes, and transportation on Lasqueti.

Arrive on Sunday May13 to be picked up from the ferry by a limousine, brought to the studio for dinner rest. Class begins on Monday morning. The final jam is Friday, May25th with departure after breakfast on Saturday at 10am, the ferry leaves at 11.

This workshop has become the signature of Leviathan. It is tried, tested and proven to work. Participants of past workshops have expressed surprise at their development by the third day and are amazed that they continue to improve as CI dancers throughout the 12 days. Some participants have done this workshop 5 times. In 2017 it was offered as a 19day workshop. Several participants asked that it be made longer.

We will start with Tai Chi exercises that emphasize the spiral nature of our physiology. Everything from the DNA to the milky way is spiraling. All of our muscles are laid on bones that are shaped in spirals. The ancient Taoist masters recognized this and developed movement patterns that harness strength and ease in movement.

We will bridge from Taoist Tai Chi to Steve Paxton’s ‘Material For the Spine.’ MFS includes spiral rolls, crescent rolls and Aikido rolls. These exercises are done alone on the floor. They inform the body of unnecessary tension. They bring awareness to blind spots. The bring consciousness to our dance.

We will bridge from floor work to partner work using these rolls to find smooth pathways with a partner. Exploring the concept that ‘lifts are organic’ we will let our feet come off the floor on our terms, when we want. Lifts and aerials in Contact Improv are not contrived like other dance forms. They happen because someone made a mistake; someone’s centre of gravity went below their partners’. We will play with this gentle riding up to slide down to roll up.

This workshop is the ‘essential’ Contact Improv. You can take these exercises with y0u and practice them for the rest of your life. They take more than two weeks to really know them, imprint them in your muscle-memory. Come back next year for a refresher.

Mark Young has been doing Contact Improvisation since 1997. What began as fun re-hab after a traumatic accident quickly became a serious study. He also began a serious study of Tai Chi and Vipassana meditation around the same time, these are the foundations of Contact Improvisation. He has studied C.I. with everyone who has come to the studio, many people outside of the studio and attended numerous conferences with the originators of the form at Breitenbush Hot Springs retreat centre. Also, he has attended numerous Contact Improv jams at Earthdance retreat centre in Massachusetts over the past 15 years. In 2000 he committed all of his resources to the creation of Leviathan Studio, a dance studio committed to the study of Contact Improvisation.

$1200Canadian includes all meals, tuition, camping, dormitory, transportation from/to the ferry/studio.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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